Jennifer Kelly skips sodas and opts for fresh food

Jennifer Kelly-Browning, 43, a New Orleans resident, Destin, Fla., native, LSU alumna and interior designer is one of our fitness role models for October.

jennifer kelly browning.JPGJennifer Kelly says, ‘Instead of plastic surgery, you can do yoga and other things to stay young and healthy and vibrant. And you look better!’

Nutrition Bio: “I mostly eat fish, fruit and vegetables. I’m not a strict vegetarian — every now and then a little meat. But we’re from the Gulf Coast — there are plentiful vegetables and fish, and that’s really my diet, 100 percent. And I get my protein from beans and fish. Absolutely no sodas ever in my life.”

Workout Bio: “I was always a cheerleader, all the way through grade school and up into high school. Then I had a college roommate at LSU who was a marathon runner. She would get up to train at 6 a.m. and go for these 10-mile runs. She encouraged me to come with her, so I started running with her and I got up to like five miles a day, and I really got into running. I grew up on a bike; I ride my mountain bike all the time. More recently I’ve gotten into kayaking in Bayou St. John … kayaking is really good for your upper body.”

Fitness Goal: “A healthy body, inside and out. Travel is my dream, my goal, and I really feel like it takes a lot of energy to travel. And to have a good quality of life and enjoy life and everything it offers you, you really have to be somewhat in good shape and good health.”

Fitness Plan: “I go to yoga, minimum, four to five days a week. And the